Welcome to WSP Global

WSP Global has been working with many leading sporting events and exhibitions for more than 15 years. Our main goal has been to increase spectator numbers while spreading the word of the event and its sponsors not just in the local catchment but globally. With a strong and established team comprising of journalists, designers and translators we’ve been able to promote leading events such as the World Golf Championships in Japan, America, Europe and Mexico and the Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the World’s most prestigious horseracing event. It has been evident during the economic downturn that the days of huge marketing campaigns to drive spectator traffic to events are a thing of the past. Pinpointing the target audience using the most cost efficient methods is essential when budgets are tight.

WSP Global created the infom8 in 2008 as an all-in-one preview/spectator guide for a number of European Tour golf events and quickly realised that the format could be easily replicated for any kind of event or exhibition. The infom8 is cleverly folded, utilising each section with a different aspect of the event – news, ticketing info, schedule, transportation, maps and other points of interest. Delivering an all encompassing cost-effective pocket-size event preview and info guide format allows you to promote the event and its sponsors, while giving potential spectators all the essential details they need for an enjoyable visit. infom8 by WSP Global is a crucial tool used by events to reach highly targeted audiences directly.